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1280x960.00 (S/N: Linux #0)

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General Information

EDID version 1.3
Maximum resolution 1280x960@72Hz
Video input Analog
Manufacturing Week 5 of 2012

Basic Display Parameters

Display gamma 2.20
Maximum horizontal image size 44 cm
Maximum vertical image size 33 cm
Signal level input Analog
Blank-to-black setup
Separate syncs
Composite syncs
Sync on green video
Vsync serration
Signal Level Standard (0.700, 0.000)
Display Type RGB color display

Feature Support

Preferred Timing Mode
Standard sRGB
Default GTF


Color X Y
Red 0.642 0.349
Green 0.292 0.596
Blue 0.147 0.125
White 0.312 0.328

Established Timings

Horizontal Active Vertical Active Refresh Rate
800 pixels 600 pixels 60 Hz

Standard Timings 1

Horizontal Active 1280 pixels
Vertical Active 960 pixels
Refresh Rate 72 Hz
Image Aspect Ratio 4:3

Detailed Timings 1

Pixel clock 123500 kHz
Refresh rate 71.92 Hz
Horizontal Active 1280 pixels
Horizontal Blanking 432 pixels
Horizontal Sync Offset 88 lines
Horizontal Sync Pulse Width 128 lines
Horizontal Image Size 444 mm
Horizontal Border 0 pixels
Vertical Active 960 pixels
Vertical Blanking 43 pixels
Vertical Sync Offset 3 lines
Vertical Sync Pulse Width 4 lines
Vertical Image Size 333 mm
Vertical Border 0 pixels
Stereo Mode Normal display, no stereo.
Sync Scheme Digital Separate
Horizontal Polarity
Vertical Polarity

Monitor Range Limits

Minimum horizontal line rate 71 kHz
Maximum horizontal line rate 73 kHz
Minimum vertical line rate 71 Hz
Maximum vertical line rate 73 Hz
Maximum pixel clock rate 130.00 MHz
Secondary GTF curve supported
Coordinated Video Timings supported


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