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General Information

EDID version 1.4
Maximum resolution [email protected]
Video input Digital
Manufacturing 2012

Basic Display Parameters

Display gamma 2.20
Color depth None
Digital video interface None

Feature Support

Preferred Timing Mode
Standard sRGB
Continuous Frequency Display
Color Encodings
RGB 4:4:4 YCrCb 4:4:4 YCrCb 4:2:2


Color X Y
Red 0.584 0.333
Green 0.338 0.571
Blue 0.158 0.133
White 0.313 0.329

Established Timings

Horizontal Active Vertical Active Refresh Rate

Detailed Timings 1

Pixel clock 69300 kHz
Refresh rate 60.02 Hz
Horizontal Active 1366 pixels
Horizontal Blanking 90 pixels
Horizontal Sync Offset 48 lines
Horizontal Sync Pulse Width 32 lines
Horizontal Image Size 256 mm
Horizontal Border 0 pixels
Vertical Active 768 pixels
Vertical Blanking 25 pixels
Vertical Sync Offset 3 lines
Vertical Sync Pulse Width 6 lines
Vertical Image Size 144 mm
Vertical Border 0 pixels
Stereo Mode Normal display, no stereo.
Sync Scheme Digital Separate
Horizontal Polarity
Vertical Polarity